My thoughts during Evening vespers at St. Stephansdom on Stephen’s Day. 

December 26, 2015

Vienna, Austria
-How many of these people are looking at me?
-A terrorist could be about to take us all down. 

-Love your drag, but your pocketbook is on fire. If I use this joke, I can’t take credit for it. But I think of it every time I’m in a Catholic Church. 

-what if one of those dudes swinging the smokey pot thingie lost control of it and swung it out into the audience?

-can’t really call myself an audience since I’m not paying attention. 

-what would Julia Murney think about this?

-what if there were a religious super hero who swung that smokey pot thingie as his weapon. VILLAINS BETTER PRAY BECAUSE HE’S ARMED WITH THE LORD. HE’S LITURGICAL MAN

-OMG his alter ego would be a woman. No one would ever suspect in the Catholic Church that she’s correcting ALL THE WRONGS. 

-carl has got to tell me what he was thinking this entire service. 

-maybe this is in Latin. 

-nope. It’s German. 

-but I recognize ‘Kyrie Eleison’ and ‘Christe Eleison.’

-wonder if I could study these voices and use them somewhere. 

-all these people think they’re going to heaven before me. Hilarious. 

-The German I spoke in Paul Beaty’s Slumberland didn’t sound this beautiful. Embarrassing. 

-that woman in the blue could totally be a terrorist.


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