#ToastsforDoris: Let’s do it again!


Last Christmas, we created a quilt. An “Internetwork of Souls” to honor those we love who have passed on. And I want to do it again this year. 

Every year (for the past 11 years)  on December 25, I drink a toast. I do it in memory of my Mother, Doris Morse Free, who died 40 years ago on Christmas Day, 1975. It is my way of reminding you and me and everyone else who may miss someone on Christmas that our grief is shared by so many, that we and our loved ones are safe (or will be soon), and – most importantly – that we are not alone. I’d like you to join me in honoring her and all of our departed by drinking a toast and sharing a photo of it on Christmas.

So here are the rules:

-However you celebrate on December 25, please raise a glass of water or wine or whatever to Doris M. Free and to your lost friends, family or pets.

-Snap a photo of your toast (a selfie or whatevah)

-Send that photo to toastsfordoris@kevinrfree.com or post it on Facebook or Twitter and tag it with #ToastsforDoris .

-Include the name(s) of the person you want to remember and I will add the name(s) to my blog post on December 28.

-Please forward or share this plan with all of your friends. 

That’s it. As always, I appreciate your support in this and all my artistic endeavors and whatnot. Let’s continue to use the Internet for good. 



PS – If you’d like, you may watch my story about my mom here: http://youtu.be/7CzMPjxWS5k


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